Four Sisters From The Philippines Who Won The Hearts Of All

4th Impact gets a standing ovation from all 4 judges on The X-Factor UK.

Since the day ‘4th Impact’ (previously 4th Power) flew from the Philippines to audition on UK’s ‘The X factor,’ people from all over the world have followed every move made by the Filipino quartet. The group, made up of sisters Almira, Mylene, Irene and Celina, didn’t realize at the time how impactful their performance would soon become.

In the show’s official YouTube channel, the group’s audition performance has received a total of 44,175,095 views at the time of this piece. Incredible!

Out of the impressive collection of views, an overall 328,431 YouTube viewers liked their audition performance which originally aired on August 29, 2015.

Nick Grimshaw (who was one of the judges on the panel) was dead on when he said, “This is gonna blow up all around the world.”
“This is gonna blow up all around the world.”
Indeed, 4th Impact has become a global phenomenon since their debut on the hit talent show. They have become a household name in their homeland, the Philippines, and have also garnered a massive base of die-hard fans.

Although the divas were ultimately voted off after a deadlock battle with singer Lauren Murray, the group has done everything but slow down.

4th impact judges selfie
Even the judges of X-Factor had to get their selfies!

The girls have just concluded their first 20-city concert tour across the United Kingdom, and the four sisters conveyed their gratefulness when it came to an end. “Thank you for accepting us. Thank you to ‘The X Factor,'” they wrote “This has been the best and most amazing journey for us.”

Fans continue to wait for the group’s first album since finishing fifth place back in December. The sisters are apparently still in negotiations with two international recording companies, and are also rumored to collaborate with Bruno Mars after reportedly having a $2-million contract on the table with Columbia Records. It’s safe to say the future is looking bright for this group of amazing sisters, mama should be proud!

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