Assassins Creed Fan Art: So Good You’ll Forget About the Movie

the color doeeee.

Mass Effect + Assassin’s Creed.

Ooooh, kitty.

when your best friend’s an eagle.

when they ask you what hood you rep’.

When in tron…

“Hey, No-power superheroes, you guys fight each other.”

what a lovely day to be on an old raggedy boat with a bunch of stank dudes.

wolverine’s bae.

vegan creed.

winter is coming.

Aww! look how cute those future little killers are.

Trump Creed.

Hilary Creed.

That one time it wasn’t a good idea to jump off a 500ft building.

So you claim you take showers, but are afraid of water. Hmm…

When you’re at church and want to make an entrance.

Hand Model.

When your dad is a pilgrim and doesn’t know you lived the thug life.

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