The Daily Show fires back at Racist Segment from Fox News

The Daily Show vs. The O’Reilly Factor in Chinatown.

Early October, Fox News aired one of their most racist segments in history on the “The O’Reilly Factor.” It was on the “Watters’ World” segment of show that Jesse Watters stuffed as many Asian stereotypes as he could muster into a five-minute cringe session. Watters’ inspiration for the piece might have been drawn from the number of times “China” was said in the first presidential debate.

On the following Thursday night, Ronny Chieng –a Chinese-Australian comedian, actor and senior media correspondent– responded with the kind of expletive critique of Fox News that was one of The Daily Show’s hallmarks when helmed by Jon Stewart. He took on Watters on how he interviewed elderly people who didn’t seem to speak English, and asked questions like “Do you know karate?” splicing footage from “The Karate Kid.” Chieng had to actually explain to viewers that the clips from the segment was not a parody but a real video from Fox News.
Ronny Chieng fires back at fox news
After The Daily Show’s response went viral, Watters said his interviews are “meant to be taken as tongue-in-cheek,” adding, “I regret if anyone found offense.” Show host Bill O’Reilly said, “I know we’re going to get letters” but called the segment “gentle fun.” Watters claimed “it was all in good fun.”

“There was nothing gentle or fun about it,” the Asian American Journalists Association said in a statement. “It was rude, offensive, mocking, derogatory and damaging. Fox missed a real opportunity to investigate the Asian American vote, a topic not often covered in mainstream news.”

Chieng followed up by going to Chinatown himself to interview people about the election in their native language. Not surprisingly, the residents had intelligent thoughts about the candidates and also a few words for Jesse Watters.

A search for Jesse Watters on Giphy came back with this:

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