Don’t Spit or Swallow! Japan’s Craziest Game Show

The Japanese always have the craziest ideas when it comes to game shows, and I’m super grateful because it makes for awesome TV. Although the contestants mostly go through hell and back to entertain us, they still do so with a smile on their face. The Japanese sure are great sports.

After a recent search on YouTube, I found some pretty insane Japanese game shows that will make you go WTF while you LOL at the same damn time! One of my top ones involving a bottle of milk, a creepy chubby old guy who looks like a fat baby, and some Japanese cutie pies.

The premise of the challenge is simple. Grab a Japanese cutie pie, sit her on your lap, tell her to drink a bottle of milk but DON’T SWALLOW, and then at the moment tickle the shit out of her til she cums, I mean spits milk all over your face. Awesome. Did I mention I’m grateful for Japanese TV?

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