‘Everything Before Us’ Wong Fu Productions First Feature Film

Wong Fu Productions used Indiegogo to crowd fund their first feature film.

The campaign lasted only a month but had raised over $350,000 worth of donations, crushing their original goal of $250,000.

The push from fans helped the crew release their first teaser trailer on April 9, 2015, which helped generate a buzz for the film’s June 4, 2015 release. The premiere for ‘Everything Before Us,’ (originally titled ‘After Us’ but later changed) was held at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. With the help of other YouTube Channels such as TIME and ISAtv, Wong Fu had garnered enough momentum for a screening tour across the U.S. to promote the movie.

The film takes place in the near future, where the Department of Emotional Integrity (D.E.I.) governs all relationships by issuing a ‘relationship score’ to keep individuals accountable for their daily choices. The film follows the stories of Ben and Sara, a couple in their early 30’s reconciling their past relationship, and Seth and Haley, a teenage couple registering for their first long-distance relationship. This romantic drama shows how these couples face different but intersecting challenges in their relationships within the rules of D.E.I.

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