Jack Black vs Korean Game Show, Infinite Challenge

Jack Black might have been the funniest American guest on Korean television ever.

Over the weekend, the comedian found himself on a variety show called ‘Infinite Challenge,’ which is the most popular program in South Korea. The premise of the show is to lead guests through a series of crazy tasks, as they challenge each other to see who can be the silliest of them all. Hosted by 5 other Korean comedians, the show has remained one of the most popular shows in Asia and is currently on their 465 episode.

The video above shows the Infinite Gang holding on for dear life as Black annihilates each member one by one in an epic chicken-style pillow fights.

Also on the episode, Black and lead host, Yoo Jae Suk, race to see who could blow out a candle faster with a stocking strapped over their heads:

This episode features a unique version of “Name That Tune”, where Black shows off his tenacious vocal range and expertise in the Korean language as he sings his own rendition of K-pop songs that the cast must guess. Too funny:

Finally, Black picks out the cast member who he thinks will pose the least challenge (Kwanghee), and shows an impressive feat of marshmallow stuffing ability, giving both humans and chipmunks a run for their money:

Black’s newest movie, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, is the latest installment of a billion dollar movie franchise that has spawned multiple television spinoffs and specials.

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