Jeremy Lin’s ‘Space Jam 3’ Anime Spoof Is Out Of This World

Can Jeremy Lin help the Tune Squad “AnimeNiacs” persevere on basketball’s wackiest stage?

As a lot of you know, Space Jam 2 is in the making right now and it’s featuring Lebron James… Well here is the sequel to that sequel featuring Jeremy Lin!

jeremy lin

In the video, Lin retires from his basketball career and falls into a world where he meets characters like Naruto (played by Higa), Sailor Moon, Goku from “Dragon Ball,” and Yugi from “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Similar to the “Space Jam” movie, these cartoon characters have a basketball team called the “Tune Squad” and need Lin’s help to defeat a rival basketball team, the “Anime All-Stars.”

Sprinkled throughout the video are jokes about Jeremy Lin’s identity as an Asian-American basketball player and his lack of NBA fame relative to “Space Jam” stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James. We still got love for you Lin.

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