A Leading Man [Official Trailer]

A Leading Man is an Asian-American drama film written and directed by Steven J. Kung. The film stars Jack Yang, Heather Mazur, and Tsai Chin.

“I originally came to Hollywood because I was sick of seeing Asian men in particular emasculated in front of the camera. No one was making the films that would portray Asian American men in a more well-rounded way.” -Steven J. Kung

The story begins when actor GQ Qi (Jack Yang) finally lands a role on a major TV sitcom. Everyone’s happy for him – the network, his mother, his best friend – everyone except GQ himself. He is stuck playing the typical, Asian stereotype. He decides to speak up for himself on set and the executive producer fires him. At an attempt to salvage his career, he starts dating an A-list casting director, Rachel Cohen (Heather Mazur). Work and love soon become intertwined and things start to get complicated.

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