Model Receives Massive Abuse from Fans of K-Pop Boy Band ‘EXO’

Lily Maymac was bullied across the globe after a K-Pop singer followed her on Instagram… and she never even met him.

An Australian model has been the subject of abuse from teenage fans of K-Pop band EXO after one of the band’s member’s followed her on Instagram.

Lily May Mac is a part Filipino, part Australian model who lives in Sydney. The 21-year-old beauty has a large social media following, especially on Instagram where she is followed by 1.5 million people.

The abuse started after Park Chanyeol, 23, a member of Korean boy band EXO and its sub group EXO-K, followed Miss Mac’s Instagram account.

Bullied: Australian model Lily May Mac was attacked on Instagram after a K-pop star followed her.

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Responsible party: Chanyeol, a singer in Korean boyband ‘EXO’, upset his fans when he took notice of Miss May.

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Targeted: The 21-year-old was tiraded with abusive comments on her Instagram from EXO fans.

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After fans, who watch the social media accounts of EXO’s members obsessively, saw that Chanyeol followed the Australian model they started leaving comments on her pictures.

Fans of EXO, who are referred to as EXO-L, started calling the young woman a ‘b****’ and telling her she was ugly and disgusting.

Social media star: The Sydney based model has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram

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Soon her Instagram account was flooded with comments, some from fans attacking her and others apologising for the actions of EXO fans. Others accused her of lying about not getting plastic surgery, called her ‘fake’.

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Some fans claimed Miss Mac was ‘saying bad things’ about Chanyeol, whilst others demanded she unfollow the singer.

The situation got so out of hand that the model locked her Twitter account and made a statement on her Instagram. In the caption of a photo of Tokyo, where Lilymaymac was visiting, she addressed the comments.

“I have not said anything bad about EXO-L’s or Chanyeol (I’ve never met/talked to him),” the 21 year old wrote. “Please don’t believe these stories that aren’t true. Also no I did not undergo plastic surgery.”

‘I’ve never met/talked to him’: The young woman made a public statement on her Instagram about the uproar.

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Locked down: Miss Mac made her Twitter account private due to comments directed at her on the platform.

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The band’s fans have gone to extreme measures before, harassing well known women that the band’s members interact with or follow on social media.

In 2014 a member of the K-pop girl group 2EYES had to delete her social media accounts after it was revealed she was friends with EXCO member Sehun.

Two weeks ago EXO’s members were forced to leave a fan signing event in South Korea after fan behavior made them fear for their safety.

but through it all, lily maintains a positive spirit and bright smile.

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Were the EXO fans being too aggressive? Or are there actions justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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