Steven Yeun: Conan’s Been Mispronouncing My Name For Years

Conan has mispronunciation of Steven’s name has even influenced the actor’s family members to do the same.

Talk show icon Conan O’Brien and actor Steven Yeun are very good friends and have grown closer over the past few years. They’ve been to a nude spa together, and even took a trip to South Korea where they shot a music video and had Conan take part in a K-drama.

Despite their close friendship, Conan has been pronouncing Steven’s name wrong for years. ‘The Walking Dead’ star set the record straight and explains his name is pronounced “Yun” and not “Yoon.” Well, in Conan’s defense, the spelling totally throws you off…

Steven also reveals how he got his American name. The actor’s real first name is “Sang Yup” (상옆). However, his parents changed his name to “Steven” because they met a doctor —and his name was Steven.

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