The fin. – ‘Night Time’ [MV]

the fin. jrock band

The fin.’s Night Time is a smooth jam with a dreamy and retro twist.

The fin. is an indie rock band based out of Kobe, Japan. Their music is described as a mix of dream pop and shoegaze. Imagine The Flaming Lips plus M83.

The quartet was formed in 2010 and consists of Yuto Uchino on vocals and synthesizer, Ryosuke Odagaki on guitar, Takayasu Taguchi on bass, and Kaoru Nakazawa on drums.

The fin. - Night Light - Emma, Japanese Model
Emma joins The fin. in “Night Time”

Night Time is the title track of their EP and really was written at night by Uchino during a long, lonely walk home. The song is the artist’s reminder of strolling alone though a cold night. Night Time has a chill, mellow vibe that draws you in the more you listen.

The video has a nostalgic theme of teenage freedom, and scenes all have a vintage feel. Emma, a half-japanese half-british model, joins The fin. as the heroine of the video.

According to Uchino, there’s an idea among Japanese bands that you have to make something different from the Western music you listen to.

“I was really trying hard to write in Japanese, but it was awkward. The words just didn’t fit and I could never really say what I wanted to say. After I switched (to English), the melodies and words I had been looking for came together.”

“Even if the people around you think it’s weird, there’s meaning in the act of trying to create something new. If you don’t do that then you’re just a follower.”

The fin. has been signed by Hip Land Music Corp. and has gone on to release their first full-length album, “Days with Uncertainty.”

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    nice band. love their song.

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