The Hotpantz – ‘Beachside Lover’ [MV]

The Hotpantz is a brand new electro-pop group with layers of flavors.

Based out of Japan, The Hotpantz consists of five members born and raised in different nations with different backgrounds. Accordingly, they describe their sound as multinational geek-electro-pop and experiment with EDM, pop, hip-hop, R&B, techo, house, funk and other genres. The Hotpantz are on a mission to redefine various types of art and culture with their unwavering love of music.

“Beachside Lover” was the group’s first single and was originally released in the heat of summer as a short, teaser version. The full song was dropped in September along with a graphical music video that somehow makes you want to have cake on the beach.

The Hotpantz have a unique style and sound that’s rarely found in Asia. Interesting to note is their art style which can be seen in their music video. The graphics only clips consists of flat design, season appropriate colors and funky dolphin-headed women split into three scenes.

They released their newest single, “Nowhereland” just last week. Find them on Spotify and Facebook.

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