The Modern Art of Wednesday Campanella (水曜日のカンパネラ)

wednesday campanella

“Diablo” by Wednesday Campanella is modern art. A song about the devil and taking baths? Yes she did.

Wednesday Campanella uses the similarity of ofurro (bath) and diaburo (Diablo) to wax lyrical.

Actually, most of the lyrics are senseless. Mostly fancy wordplay strung together, she plays with abstract images and leads you down an unknown road.

Yet, her unique voice and hip-hop style of riding the beat, combined with a J-Pop sensibility appeals to the modern world. Especially relevant, considering how the growth of the Internet helps us realize that not everything can be neatly categorized.

The setting is a bath in the Edo period of Japan, the longest period of peace in the country’s history. In addition to speaking of how bathing can heal physical ailments, she also points to one’s psyche. It’s almost as if she is suggesting a sort of cleanliness for both body and mind.

As she continues throughout the video, her character travels from real life to manga to video game. This fast-paced movement matches the music and lyrical content. It’s almost as if she’s asking, “Can you keep up with change?”

A lot of western viewers will remember the nostalgia of the video game style presented here. Among the Millennials, who can forget Mario and Zelda?

Overall, the style of the video and the track not only show the artist’s tendencies to juxtapose the modern with the traditional, but also her ability to tap into her generation’s view of reality. The view count nearing 3 million is an indicator that Wednesday Campanella’s message is reaching.

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