Ykiki Beat – ‘Forever’ [MV]

Ykiki Beat Band

You might Mistake Ykiki Beat for a UK band if you heard them on the radio.

Ykiki Beat is a five-member indie rock band based out of Tokyo, Japan. The quintet is led by lead vocalist, song writer and guitarist Nobuki Akiyama. Other members include Kohei Kamoto as lead guitarist, Koki Nozue on the synthesizer, Yotaro Kachi as the bassist, and Mizuki Sekiguchi on the drums.

The members say they were influenced by bands such as Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Strokes. Ykiki Beat was formed in 2013, originally called the Kangaroo Fitness Club, and quickly became a hit in Tokyo’s live-music circuit.

The band’s 2014 hit, “Forever,” was a huge success and one of the main drivers in helping them take off. Lead singer of Asian Kung-Fu Generation‘s Masafumi Gotoh was so impressed with the track that he blogged he would “have to consider retiring.”

“I was delighted to hear that,” said Akiyama. “I think I must have been listening to The View a lot before we recorded (“Forever”) because a lot of people have said I sound Scottish on that song.”

“We’ve been surprised by how well ‘Forever’ has been received here in Japan, but our goal is to be more successful abroad.”

Three of Ykiki Beat’s members are part of another rock band, DYGL (Day Glo). DYGL is a more guitar-heavy with a garage punk style compared to Ykiki Beat. Check them out on Spotify and Play Music!

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